Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About C Insurance Germantown Md | c insurance germantown md

Raul Allegre (K) (1983) Austin, Texas. Sports business consultant.

2 Cloppers Mill Terrace, #2-C, Germantown, MD 2 | Integro Real  Estate - c insurance germantown md

2 Cloppers Mill Terrace, #2-C, Germantown, MD 2 | Integro Real Estate – c insurance germantown md | c insurance germantown md

Mack Alston (TE) (1977-80) Alexandria, Va. Abettor football drillmaster at Howard University.

Kim Anderson (DB) (1980-83) Los Angeles. Internet business consultant.

Larry Anderson (DB) (1982-83) Shreveport, La. Abettor arch of a aerial school.

John Andrews (TE) (1974) Sugar Land, Texas. Admiral of a aggregation that sells cartons.

Elmer Bailey (WR) (1982) Opalocka, Fla. On-ground account ambassador for United Airlines.

Jim Bailey (DT) (1974) Lawrence, Kan. Absolute acreage agent.

Karl Baldischwiler (T) (1983) Oklahoma City, Okla. Civil engineer.

Quinton Ballard (NT) (1983) Greensboro, N.C. Corrections ambassador at a accompaniment prison.

Ernie Barnes (NT) (1983) Murdered in 1999, Atlanta, Ga.

Mike Barnes (DE) (1974-81) Sparks, Md. Design and architecture ambassador for Navy Marine Corps Intranet.

Tim Baylor (DB) (1976-78) Minneapolis, Minn. Absolute acreage developer and McDonald’s owner/operator.

Pat Beach (TE) (1982-83) Oak Harbor, Wash. Owns a dive shop.

Mark Bell (DE) (1983) Wichita, Kan. Admiral of a carpeting and attic accoutrement business.

Tim Berra (WR) (1974) West Caldwell, N.J. Admiral of a aggregation that handles business for his father, baseball abundant Yogi Berra.

Tony Bertuca (LB) (1974) Chicago. Police officer.

Lyle Blackwood (S) (1977-80) Dallas. Admiral of a technology aggregation that evaluates able-bodied achievement and consults with athletes.

Forrest Blue (C) (1975-78) Roseville, Calif. Absolute acreage developer and accepted contractor.

Matt Bouza (WR) (1982-83) Lafayette, Calif. Buyer and admiral of a aggregation that sells genitalia for orthopedic implants.

Greg Bracelin (LB) (1982-83) Bay Point, Calif. Sales adumbrative for a aggregation that rents out architecture equipment.

Mike Bragg (P) (1980) Alexandria, Va. Account controlling with a close that offers abettor account bales to companies.

Larry Braziel (DB) (1979-81) Fort Worth, Texas. Branch ambassador of a Boys & Girls Club and ambassador of a adolescence ministry.

Randy Burke (WR) (1978-81) Lexington, Ky. Business sales adviser for a television station.

Ray Butler (WR) (1980-83) Houston. Shipping abettor for a apparatus company.

Roger Carr (WR) (1974-81) Monroe, La. Able-bodied ambassador at University of Louisiana — Monroe.

Raymond Chester (TE) (1974-77) Oakland, Calif. Buyer of a golf advance administration company.

Jim Cheyunski (LB) (1975-76) Jacksonville, Fla. Aerial academy able-bodied director.

Elmer Collett (G) (1974-77) Stinson Beach, Calif. Firefighter.

Fred Cook (DE) (1974-80) Pascagoula, Miss. Founder and ambassador of a non-profit accumulation alive with at-risk youth.

Johnie Cooks (LB) (1982-83) Vicksburg, Miss. Special abettor for business and fund-raising for Alcorn Accompaniment University able-bodied department.

Cleveland Crosby (DE) (1982) Houston. Declined comment.

Terry Crouch (G) (1982) Dallas. Salesman for a retail appliance company.

Mike Curtis (LB) (1974-75) Potomac, Md. Operating accomplice of a aggregation that develops and sells accommodation buildings.

Jeff Delaney (S) (1982-83) McMurray, Pa. Account ambassador for a aggregation that sells food for eye surgery.

Brian DeRoo (WR) (1979-81) Indio, Calif. Aerial academy abecedary and coach.

Dan Dickel (LB) (1974-77) Coralville, Iowa. Elementary academy abecedary and aerial academy football coach.

Curtis Dickey (RB) (1980-83) Arlington, Texas. Ambassador of bloom and concrete apprenticeship at a Boys & Girls Club.

Bucky Dilts (P) (1979) Boulder, Colo. Branch ambassador of sales and business for a abstracts casework company.

Zachary Dixon (RB) (1980-82) Germantown, Md. Personal trainer at a bloom club.

Marty Domres (QB) (1974-75) Reisterstown, Md. Managing ambassador of Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown.

Ray Donaldson (C) (1980-83) Indianapolis. Affairs hip-hop apparel.

Steve Durham (DE) (1982) Greenville, S.C. Apparatus abettor at a 3M accomplishment plant.

John Dutton (DE) (1974-78) Plano, Texas. Owns a assurance company.

Joe Ehrmann (DT) (1974-80) Baltimore. Minister and co-founder of a adolescence affairs alleged Architecture Men for Others.

Grant Feasel (C) (1983) Colleyville, Texas. Sells cardiology ultrasound equipment.

Joe Federspiel (LB) (1981) Lexington, Ky. Allowance salesman.

Ron Fernandes (DE) (1976-79) Sterling Heights, Mich. Sells aqueous processing equipment.

Tim Foley (OT) (1981) Springfield, Ohio. Declined comment.

Chris Foote (C) (1980-81) Knoxville, Tenn. Accepted architect in residential and bartering construction.

Mike Fultz (DT) (1981) Lincoln, Neb. Aerial academy football coach.

Mike Garrett (P) (1981) Marietta, Ga. Carnality admiral of a animate administration company.

Ben Garry (RB) (1979-80) Moss Point, Miss. Minister.

Ed George (T) (1975) Sarasota, Fla. Retired.

Nesby Glasgow (DB) (1979-83) Kirkland, Wash. Ambassador of amateur programs for the Seattle Seahawks.

Jerry Golsteyn (QB) (1979) Sanford, Fla. Aerial academy able-bodied director.

Anthony Green (DT) (1981) Randallstown, Md. Recruits families for an alignment that places advance children.

Wade Griffin (T) (1977-81) Lamar, Miss. Farm manager.

Perry Griggs (KR) (1977) Lawrenceville, Ga. Amusing artisan at a psychiatric hospital.

Lee Gross (C) (1979) Dothan, Ala. Carnality admiral of a aggregation that paints stripes on highways.

Randy Hall (CB) (1974, 1976) Genesee, Idaho. Aerial academy football coach. Bar and restaurant owner.

Don Hardeman (RB) (1978-79) Killeen, Texas. Retired.

Joe Harris (LB) (1982) Fayetteville, Ga. Ambassador of a men’s accouterment store.

Jeff Hart (T) (1979-83) Lake Oswego, Ore. Area ambassador for Search Ministries.

Steve Heimkreiter (LB) (1980) Fort Thomas, Ky. Owns a sports business company.

Darryl Hemphill (S) (1982) San Antonio, Texas. Aerial academy football coach.

Steve Henry (DB) (1981) Emporia, Kan. Architect at a nuclear ability plant.

Mark Herrmann (QB) (1983) Indianapolis. Banking adviser.

Dallas Hickman (LB) (1981) Scottsdale, Ariz. Aerial academy amusing worker, abecedary and football coach.

Chris Hinton (G/T) (1983) Roswell, Ga. Owns a wine store.

Nat Hudson (G) (1982) Rome, Ga. Apparatus abettor in a cardboard mill.

Ken Huff (G) (1975-82) Durham, N.C. Accepted architect architecture custom homes.

Mike Humiston (LB) (1982) Waynesburg, Pa. Ambassador of accessible assurance administration at Waynesburg College.

David Humm (QB) (1981-82) Las Vegas. Ambassador of sales and business for a website conception and aliment company.

Glenn Hyde (T) (1982) Denver. Retired.

Fletcher Jenkins (DE) (1982) Lakewood, Wash. Hatchery specialist for accompaniment administration of angle and wildlife.

Marshall Johnson (WR) (1975-78) Missouri City, Texas. Internet-based business consultant.

Bert Jones (QB) (1974-81) Ruston, La. Owns and operates a barge company.

Ricky Jones (LB) (1980-83) Birmingham, Ala. Owns and operates a window-cleaning business.

Sid Justin (CB) (1982) Scottsdale, Ariz. Lead accompanist with the Miracles.

Mark Kafentzis (S) (1983) Santa Rosa, Calif. Sales adumbrative for a golf accoutrement company.

Mike Kirkland (QB) (1976-78) Fayetteville, Ark. Banking consultant.

Jim Krahl (DT) (1979-80) Houston. Ambassador of a alternation bookstore.

Barry Krauss (LB) (1979-83) Indianapolis. Motivational apostle and ambassador of aptitude development for a sports business company.

George Kunz (T) (1975-77, 1980) Las Vegas. McDonald’s owner/operator.

Bruce Laird (DB) (1974-81) Baltimore. Regional sales adumbrative for a absolute acreage application company.

Greg Landry (QB) (1979-81) Troy, Mich. Account ambassador for a aggregation that makes accoutrement for the auto industry.

Ron LaPointe (TE) (1980) Philadelphia. Carnality admiral with Prudential Securities.

Roosevelt Leaks (RB) (1975-79) Austin, Texas. Absolute acreage appraiser.

David Lee (P) (1974-78) Bossier City, La. Retired.

Toni Linhart (K) (1974-79) Timonium, Md. Admiral of a absolute mail and business company.

Derrel Luce (LB) (1975-78) Waco, Texas. Lawyer.

Tom MacLeod (LB) (1974-78) Spokane, Wash. Firefighter.

Greg Marshall (DT) (1978) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Abettor drillmaster with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.

Vernon Maxwell (LB) (1983) Tempe, Ariz. Personal trainer.

Ron Mayo (TE) (1974) Landover Hills, Md. Mail processor for U.S. Postal Service.

Reese McCall (TE) (1978-82) Birmingham, Ala. Electrician.

Don McCauley (RB) (1974-81) Huntington Bay, N.Y. Senior carnality admiral of a agenda sports photography network.

Randy McMillan (RB) (1981-83) Timonium, Md. Abettor aerial academy football drillmaster and sales adumbrative for a actinic company.

Ken Mendenhall (C) (1974-80) Edmond, Okla. Area ambassador for Search Ministries.

Steve Mike-Mayer (K) (1979-80) Glen Rock, N.J. Restaurant owner.

Dan Miller (K) (1982) Sebring, Fla. Adviser with a software company.

Jim Mills (T) (1983) Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada. Sales ambassador for a acrylic company.

Lydell Mitchell (RB) (1974-77) Baltimore. Admiral of Parks Sausage Company.

Alvin Moore (RB) (1983) Chandler, Ariz. Adolescence advisor alive with adolescent offenders.

Jimmy Moore (G) (1981) Columbus, Ohio. Allowance agent.

Don Morrison (T) (1978) Wolfe City, Texas. Aerial academy football coach.

Lloyd Mumphord (CB) (1975-78) Tampa, Fla. Restaurant owner.

Greg Murtha (OT) (1982) Maple Grove, Minn. Carnality admiral of a aggregation that articles window and aperture products.

Dan Neal (C) (1974) Buffalo, N.Y. Abettor drillmaster with the Buffalo Bills.

Dennis Nelson (T) (1974) Kewanee, Ill. Farmer.

Doug Nettles (CB) (1974-79) Silver Spring, Md. Salesman for an orthopedics food company.

Ken Novak (DT) (1976-77) Cleveland. Co-owner of a aggregation that builds custom homes.

Stu O’Dell (LB) (1978) Mooresville, Ind. Car salesman.

Cliff Odom (LB) (1982-83) Arlington, Tex. Owns and operates a Blockbuster video store.

Ray Oldham (S) (1974-77) Signal Mountain, Tenn. Admiral of a dry charwoman and laundry franchising company.

Calvin O’Neal (LB) (1978) Farmington Hills, Mich. Owns a business and announcement company.

Joe Orduna (RB) (1974) Irvine, Calif. Junior aerial academy teacher.

Herb Orvis (DT) (1979-81) Tequesta, Fla. Citrus bracken operator.

Mike Ozdowski (DE) (1978-81) San Diego. Aerial academy teacher.

Gary Padjen (LB) (1982-83) Carmel, Ind. Controlling sales and business ambassador for a country club.

Mike Pagel (QB) (1982-83) Berea, Ohio. Activity ambassador for the bounded blast company.

Steve Parker (DE) (1983) Died in 1995, Fort Myers, Fla.

Dave Pear (DT) (1975) Sammamish, Wash. Account controlling affairs corrugated packaging for Boise Cascade.

Reggie Pinkney (DB) (1979-81) Fayetteville, N.C. Middle academy principal.

Ricky Porter (RB) (1983) New Orleans. Ambassador of amateur development for the New Orleans Saints.

Tracy Porter (WR) (1983) Danville, Calif. Field sales ambassador for Johnson & Johnson.

Robert Pratt (G) (1974-81) Richmond, Va. Owns and manages a golf course.

Bob Raba (TE) (1980) Kalona, Iowa. Administration consultant.

Tate Randle (CB) (1983) Geronimo, Texas. Owns a augment abundance and raises goats.

Gerry Raymond (G) (1982) Allen, Texas. Regional sales ambassador for a retail appliance company.

Geoff Reece (C) (1978) Salem, Ore. Publisher of absolute acreage magazines.

Mark Reed (QB) (1983) Hutchinson, Minn. Bulb ambassador for 3M Company.

Glenn Ressler (G) (1974) Mechanicsburg, Pa. Absolute acreage agent.

Danny Rhodes (LB) (1974) Lake Jackson, Texas. Actinic action abettor for a plastics company.

David Rowe (DT) (1978) Asheboro, N.C. Ambassador of affiliate and accessible relations for an electric account company.

Bryant Salter (DB) (1976) Miami. International business adviser and abecedary at University of Miami.

Art Schlichter (QB) (1982) Indianapolis. In Marion County Jail apprehension sentencing on federal accuse including money bed-making and credit-card fraud.

Freddie Scott (WR) (1974-77) Commerce Township, Mich. Business consultant.

Tim Sherwin (TE) (1981-83) Latham, N.Y. Regional sales ambassador for a mortgage company.

Sanders Shiver (LB) (1976-83) Bowie, Md. Ambassador of application training and ancestors casework coordinator for an developed articulacy program.

David Shula (WR) (1981) Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Admiral of restaurant aggregation endemic by his father, above NFL drillmaster Don Shula.

Mike Siani (WR) (1978-80) Myrtle Beach, S.C. Aerial academy teacher.

Dave Simmons (LB) (1982) Miami. Abettor abetment affairs adumbrative for American Airlines.

Ed Simonini (LB) (1976-81) Tulsa, Okla. Carnality admiral of a aggregation that articles construction-related equipment.

Dave Simonson (T) (1974) Austin, Minn. Police lieutenant.

Marvin Sims (RB) (1980-81) Austell, Ga. Middle academy abecedary and football coach.

John Sinnott (T) (1982) Mattapoisett, Mass. Senior activity ambassador for a civic absolute acreage developer.

Ed Smith (LB) (1980-81) Signal Mountain, Tenn. Chief ambassador of a architecture and development company.

Holden Smith (WR) (1982) Nice, France. Artist.

Ollie Smith (WR) (1974) Jackson, Miss. Ambassador of a grocery store.

Phil Smith (WR) (1983) Los Angeles. Sales ambassador with Abbott Laboratories.

Cotton Speyrer (WR) (1974) Austin, Texas. Between jobs in computer software industry.

Harry Stanback (DE) (1982) Covina, Calif. Owns a aggregation that provides aegis guards to the ball industry.

Rohn Stark (P) (1982-83) Maui, Hawaii. Absolute acreage investor.

Howard Stevens (RB-KR) (1975-77) Phoenix, Md. Banking retirement planner.

Tom Tabor (DT) (1982) Arlington, Texas. Salesman for a bottled baptize company.

David Taylor (T) (1974-79) Reisterstown, Md. Owns and operates an Internet-based business network.

Hosea Taylor (DE) (1981, 1983) Gilmer, Texas. Apparatus artisan in a factory.

Jim Bob Taylor (QB) (1983) Alpharetta, Ga. Bartering absolute acreage broker.

Arland Thompson (G) (1982) Aurora, Colo. Aerospace engineer.

Donnell Thompson (DE) (1981-83) Chapel Hill, N.C. Chairman and CEO of a auberge administration company.

Ricky Thompson (WR) (1976-77) Waco, Texas. Controlling carnality admiral of a bank.

Marco Tongue (CB) (1983) Germantown, Md. Senior claims adumbrative for an allowance company.

Ben Utt (G) (1982-83) Atlanta. Accomplice and civic sales ambassador for an advance company.

Randy Van Divier (T) (1981) Mercer Island, Wash. Sales ambassador for FedEx Worldwide Services.

Bob Van Duyne (G) (1974-80) Kalispell, Mont. Mechanic for a apparatus accomplishment company.

Mike Varty (LB) (1975) Kingwood, Texas. “Semi-retired” from accurate accumulation industry.

Jay Venuto (QB) (1981) Ithaca, N.Y. Senior ambassador for a golf advance administration company.

Rick Volk (DB) (1974-75) Glen Arm, Md. Sales adumbrative for architect of automated accoutrement and apparatus parts.

Henry Waechter (DE) (1983) Grand Island, Neb. Part buyer of a fertilizer accessories business.

Joe Washington (RB) (1978-80) Baltimore. Business and banking adviser with First Union Securities.

Stan White (LB) (1974-79) Cockeysville, Md. Lawyer and host of a sports radio allocution show.

Daryl Wilkerson (DE) (1981) Chicago. Regional ambassador for a aggregation that provides abutment casework to hospitals.

Kendall Williams (CB) (1983) Las Vegas. Aerial academy teacher.

Kevin Williams (WR) (1981) Killed in a 1996 alternation blast alfresco of Los Angeles.

Newton Williams (RB) (1983) Charlotte, N.C. Driver for Emery Worldwide.

Steve Williams (DT) (1974) Ellicott City, Md. Allowance agent.

Bill Windauer (DT) (1974) Iowa City, Iowa. Fund-raiser for University of Iowa Foundation.

Leo Wisniewski (NT) (1982-83) Bridgeville, Pa. Admiral of a aggregation that produces advisory sports videos and added programming for coaches and athletes.

Mike Wood (K) (1981-82) Kirkwood, Mo. Co-owner of a attic accoutrement business.

Mike Woods (LB) (1979-81) Richmond Heights, Ohio. Disabled (quadriplegic) back actuality attempt by a bandit in 1982.

Steve Wright (T) (1983) Laguna Beach, Calif. Admiral of a aggregation that articles misting systems and added cooling products.

Dave Young (TE) (1983) Akron, Ohio. Works on an asbestos abatement crew.

Steve Zabel (LB) (1979) Edmond, Okla. Carnality admiral of business development for a broadband wireless company.

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